Maroon "Cooking" Hoodie

Regular price $ 65.00

- 100% Cotton

- Custom-Tip Lacing 

- Front & Back Graphic 


A few weeks ago, kyle and I were cruising through Manhattan’s East Village when a massive delivery truck pulled up alongside us. On its side was a depiction of a chef, and so kyle turned to me with a smirk and said, “cooking.” Thing is - this word had been the highlight of our vocabulary for weeks. When we were screen printing new clothes by hand - we were cooking. When kyle was painting while I was strumming the guitar in our apartment - we were cooking. When we were cooking up some fire penne alla vodka - we were quite literally cooking.

So this new design is simply an ode to the cook up. To the tireless pursuit of an ever-so-lofty dream. Built for those who fear not failure. In fact, it’s for those who fucking love failure. For the individuals who fall flat on their face, pick themselves up and say alright, lets go again. For those who have something to prove. This is Washed Apparel Co. - where we’re non-stop cooking until we get there.