About Us.


If you're like most people, hearing the word "washed" may instinctively spark thoughts of your fresh laundry or maybe those of personal hygiene. But this is no laundry service, and we sure as hell aren't referring to your physical state after a shower. We believe washed takes on a whole different connotation-- one that transcends literal use and represents a lifestyle. As such, it's important I tell you the origin of its use among us-- a team of east coast kids with big ambitions, perpetually seeking to experience life through passion and exploration. How could we sit around and repeat the same routine, knowing the world is filled with amazing and infinite possibilities? Spoiler: We didn't. Just like when you get washed away from shore and immersed into the ocean, we seek to constantly get washed away into new adventures, cultures, experiences, and moments. Whether it's goofin' around in Utah backcountry with waist deep freshies or simply sipping a cold one while you and your squad enjoy the sunset from the beach-- you've been washed all along. We believe life is too short for dry experiences. So get washed and stay washed.