The Shallows - Fishing report 4.27.17

Posted by Kyle Wallack on

Largemouth bass: 19in long 12in around

Time: 2:27pm

Lure: Rubber shad without weight, silver.


So....Today I think I caught the biggest largemouth bass of my life. Lance and I walked about a mile to our favorite local spot and got off to a slow start. It was windy and cloudy but soon calmed down and opened up to some blue skies. Sweet.

After about 30 minutes of no major bites we decided to venture elsewhere, and headed over to the mouth of the river. After the third cast things began to pop off. The first fish was a foot-long, young largemouth bass and it fought well.

We stood in basically the same spots for about 30 minutes and the fish continued to fire. We were casting in the eddies and slow spots and also directly in the river outlet with continual success.

All around amazing day and proof that the fish are ripping this early in the season. We caught 20+ fish today, all largemouth bass. The lunker that I hooked made my day and I hope there is way more to come!

On another note, we want to thank everyone that has been a part of our spring line. We are very grateful for your support. 





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