The OG FUH mans

Posted by Kyle Wallack on

Blind tuna, gerg s.a, ross, Dige, and I were sitting in a hotel room atop manhattan. Tuna was wrestling his keyboard, gerg changing the levels on photos, Dige pacing the room head boppin' while ross and I talked about ideas for up coming releases. A quick conversation struck up and we all shut our various machines down. We spoke about feeling overwhelmed with the changes being brought upon us, in a sense we felt lost in life's trail to wherever. We weren't that pissed so "fuck" was not the proper expression. Finally we came to the conclusion that we were all floating in black space with t-Rex arms gently letting loose a "fuuuuuhhhh." We laughed and mindlessly ventured back into our machines. With the thoughts of the previous conversation in mind, I opened my computer to illustrator. I could hear the melody coming from the Tuna's keys, could feel Gerg's perseverance in perfecting each photo. We were in our own worlds in the same room, completely oblivious of the rumbling city below us. I blacked out into my drawing pad for a bit. When I looked up I started laughing. FUH mans was on the screen. I showed the room, and explained how you could see calm confusion in the dinosaurs face. The thought bubble was filled with "fuuuuhhhh." Before I could finish my explanation on the creature we were all hysterically laughing. To me it's an amazing feeling to be able to help release people of their struggles, even it's just for 10 minutes because of a funny drawing. Each moment in your life is important, living presently is extremely hard as we all have our own individual battles going on mentally. When these times take over your brain and consume your life, think about the fuhhhhh dino mans, and know you're not alone.  


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