Sunday Scaries Vol. 5

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Sunday Scaries Volume 5. Live from the tuna den. Very delicious. 



1. Guantanamera - Wyclef Jean 

I threw some Wyclef Jean on last week's playlist, and I got a text today from a very good friend saying that the song "baby" is now their jam, so I'm excited to add this one to the mix. "Guantanamera" was shown to me this weekend by Andy Hatton, one of my best friends in the world. In it, Wyclef samples a cuban anthem with the same name by Celia Cruz. Hatton said that his grandmother, Bela, who escaped Cuba by boat to come to the United States, used to play it in the house all the time. He spoke very fondly of the memory, and affirmed that Wyclef's version definitely does the original justice. 

The way Wyclef methodically rips through the track makes he think he can go toe to toe with the likes of some of hip-hops finest, with Nas most particularly in mind. Lauryn Hill also has her own verse at the end of the song. It's weird, I've been shown like 6 different Lauryn Hill songs in the past few weeks all by different people. I couldn't believe it when I heard her voice. She's incredible in this. Certified Banger. 


2. Black Magic Woman - Santana 

Another song from this past week. It was written by Fleetwood Mac's Pete Green. I heard it while I was eating lunch at this spot called "Oggi" on Harvard's campus. I stop by Oggi just about every single day not only because they have great food and bangin' iced coffee, but also because the people who run the joint are legendary. I honestly consider Steve, who founded the place, to be a close friend. I'll be heading to practice before 6 in the morning, and I'll see Steve's car parked out front because he's already in there cheffing up and getting ready for the day. Last week it was real hectic while I was doing some work in there. I watched as Steve skillfully dealt with like 6 different things at once. He was ringing up a customer, confirming another order on the phone, and relaying that order to his employee, all while dealing with a complaint about a customer's Doordash order that was taking forever. He was about to restart recook the whole meal so the customer wouldn't get their food cold, when the Doordash employee rolled in, and choked up a little when asked what the fuck took him so long. 

I asked Steve once why he does it. Why he chooses to enter the mayhem every day just to make some food for other people. He said it certainly wasn't for the money, which is sort of what you would expect, but I could see in his eyes that he was genuine. I saw it then and I still see it every day in the way Steve treats the people who choose to come into his store and eat his food. It is not for the money. It's for the memories, and for the lessons learned. Most of all it's for the relationships built between himself, his co-workers, and maybe a couple everyday freaks like me.

In the pursuit of my own business venture, it is now Steve's small piece of advice that I hold the most dear. 


Santana is nasty, we know this. 



3. Ghetto - Akon  

Another song we found this weekend. Saturday was a huge day in terms of music. Hatton showed me Guantanamera, my roommate Pete played Tupac's "Life Goes On" out of nowhere, and at night when we decided to listen to the first Akon song we randomly selected on spotify, it ended up being "Ghetto" and we listened like 10 times in a row. Was playing it all day again today. What you forget is that Akon was KING for a while there. Similar to Nate Dogg in my book, with the innate ability to send a hook so deep through your spine it sends chills throughout the body. On the corner w the toolie on the wasteline. 



4. Long Train Runnin' - The Doobie Brothers 

Keeping it fairly consistent with the ongoing theme here. The Doobie Brothers were one of my favorites when I was younger. "Long Train Runnin'" is track 2 off their 1973, two-time platinum selling album "The Captain and Me." 



5. Damselfly - Loyle Carner 

UK hip-hop artist Loyle Carner's music has been coming through my speakers a lot lately. I was introduced a few weeks ago when a friend showed me "Mean it in The Morning," and something keeps drawing me back. I've showed a bunch of people, and a surprising amount have been like ehhh I love the production but don't really like his voice. I understand where they're coming from, because his sound is obviously very different than what we're used to over here in the states. But I think they're wrong. Loyle Carners got the juice. 

His album "Yesterday's Gone" came out in January, and you should definitely go give it a listen. 



6. YOU'RE THE ONE - Kaytranada feat. Syd 

I put "Glowed Up" on the playlist for week two, and when I was listening through that same Kaytranada album I found this. Another fully certified banger. I put it through my headphones on the way out of class and walk at hyper-speed. I cannot wait for the day I get to see Kaytranda perform live. One can only hope Anderson .Paak will be there as well. 



7. Big Poppa - The Notorious B.I.G. 

Last week I briefly mentioned "Between the Sheets" by The Isley Brothers. Crazy good tune. Chucky Thompson and Puff Daddy sampled it to create the anthem we all know and love, "Big Poppa". 



8. Summatime - Goldlink feat. Radiant Children & Wale 

DC's very own, Goldlink, dropped his highly-anticipated album "At What Cost" this past year. If you haven't gotten around to listening to it, I suggest that you do. The production is from Radiant Children, and Wale absolutely smashes a verse for the feature. Certified. 



9. Pimp Talk - MyNamePhin 

Found this song on Madeintyo's instagram page. I can't believe I haven't posted any madeintyo to these playlists yet, but I will soon. MyNamePhin is signed to madeintyo's label, The Private Club, so he gave him a shoutout, and that's how I heard "Pimp Talk." The production is fire. Same sample that is used in the production of Vic Mensa's "Say I Didn't" off his new album. Vic definitely has the bigger name, but I think MyNamePhin's version is way smoother. Listen to both and let me know your opinion. Keep an eye out for this dude.


Lot's of exciting stuff going on in the washed world. Can't wait to show you guys everything we've got coming. 



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