Sunday Scaries Vol. 3

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 Week 3 let's get it. 


1. Rum Rage - Sticky Fingers 

I was introduced to Sticky Fingers by a teammate of mine about a year ago, and I've been a huge fan ever since. "Rum Rage" is a song off their 2014 album "Land of Pleasure." Great jam to get you through your Monday.



2. Guess Who - Little Simz   

I came across Little Simz while perusing the world wide web a while back. She's a British actress/ singer/ songwriter, and she's got serious skills. The "Guess Who" beat is awesome, and Little Simz spits actual fire all over it. I was seriously impressed when I first heard it. 


3. Yellow Ledbetter - Pearl Jam 

Pearl Jam is high on my list of favorite bands. My dad introduced me to their sound on long car rides to hockey tournaments in the middle of nowhere. "Betterman" was one of the first songs I fell in complete love with. The live versions of it still give me chills. "Yellow Ledbetter" is equally incredible. Eddie Vedder is a legend. Listen for the "make me cry" before his guitar solo.


4. Glowed Up - KAYTRANADA feat. Anderson .Paak 

Glowed Up is the most exciting song I heard this weekend. The combination of KAYTRANADA's production and Anderson .Paak's voice is super unique.  Off KAYTRANADA's 2016 album "99.9%". If you like this you also have to check out the album "Yes Lawd!" by NxWorries. He made it in collaboration with Anderson .Paak, and there are some really great songs on there like "Get Bigger / Do U Luv."



5. Bring Me My Money - Felly 

I know I'm biased because Chris is a great friend of mine, but I genuinely love this song. Fel dropped his debut album "Wild Strawberries" this summer, and you should definitely give it a listen. "Bring Me My Money" is the last track on the album. Someone played it at the function I was at this weekend, and it was the first time I was able to give it a real listen. I've had it on repeat all day. Always a special moment hearing someone else play Felly's music. 


6. Constantly Hating - Young Thug feat. Birdman 

Thugger has undoubtedly put out some great music lately,  but my favorite album from him by far is Barter 6, his 2015 debut album. Young Thug was originally going to call the album Carter 6 because of his love for Lil' Wayne, but changed it three days before the release. I threw "Constantly Hating" on here because it is one that often goes overlooked. Probably because it's a little more mellow than most of the other bangers on Barter 6, like "Halftime," which we must've played thousands of times over the past couple years. 


7. Bleeding Heart - Jimi Hendrix 

I wish I could travel back in time and watch Jimi Hendrix perform. Even if there was a chance of getting caught up in some sort of butterfly-effect time-travel catastrophe where I never made it back to present day, I would still go for it. Even those who are considered to be some of the greatest of all time, like Clapton, say that Hendrix was the greatest of all time. What separates the really good from the really great is the live performance, and it has been said that Hendrix was dumbfounding on stage. I've heard time and time again that it was as if the guitar was just an extension of his body. He was not only a phenomenal guitarist, but also an expert lyricist. "Bleeding Heart" is one of my favorites. It always seems like Hendrix is able to capture his exact emotional state in his guitar riffs. 

Every mornin' the willows weep and moan for me. 




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