Sunday Scaries Vol. 9

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Sunday Scaries Volume 9 - live from the tuna den. 



1. Double Up - Nipsey Hussle 

Nipsey dropped his latest album "Victory Lap" back in November. I gave it a listen back then but I guess I went through too quick. I heard "Double Up" this weekend and I've had it on repeat since. One of the hottest beats I've heard in a long time with the vocal sample in the back. Nipsey rips a verse starting at the 1:12 mark. A seasoned veteran throwing down some absolute gas. Features top vocal from Zacari, who's also consistently impressive. 

Also Recommended: Blue Laces 2 (Victory Lap) 



2. Two Fish and an Elephant - Khruangbin 

I just had an extremely difficult time trying to type out the name of this band. My brother introduced me to Khruangbin this past week. He told me they were from Norway or something, which I thought was sick - so I relayed that fact to a significant amount of close friends. Turns out they're from Houston, which is pretty hysterical. Regardless, "Two Fish and an Elephant" is beautifully unique. Very little vocal is featured - but an ultra-crisp drum line is backed by some guitar riff work that sings on its own. 

Also Recommended: Lady and Man (Con Todo El Mundo - 2018) 



3. Pull Up (feat. NAV) - A Boogie Wit da Hoodie 

A Boogie captured my attention when I recently watched the episode of "Rapture" on Netflix that features him. He's a young dude from the Bronx with lots of talent and even more hustle. "Pull Up" off his 2018 album "International Artist" is a banger. I personally don't think I've ever heard NAV sound better on a track. Really cool beat from Rex Kudo, who has a very impressive past-production list. 

Also Recommended: Jungle (Artist - 2016) 



4. Hot Now - Wiz Khalifa 

Wiz dropped "Rolling Papers II" earlier this month, and "Hot Now" is the first track on the album. For some context - the original Rolling Papers came out in 2011. One of my brothers put this on in the car, and in my head I was trying to figure out which prior Wiz Khalifa album it was from. I'm very surprised at this man's ability to continue to produce great songs.

Also Recommended: Holyfield (Rolling Papers II) 



5. I Would Do Anything for You - Foster the People 

Alright, so - I understand that "Torches" was released a long time ago. Fortunately for me, I was lucky enough to have heard it within the past couple weeks for the first time. Probably my most-played song of the summer. Would've been criminal for me to have not included it. 

Yes - Pumped Up Kicks is still! a banger. 



6. Ready or Not - Fugees 

I love the fugees, man. I really really really love Lauryn Hill, man. Everything about this song rocks. Cool intro - crispy, rimmed out snare sound (similar to the one in "Two Fish and an Elephant") that flows perfectly with the vocal -- Lauryn HIll -- and some of Wyclef Jean's best work. I especially like the verse from Wyclef in this. Right before the :58 mark he says: 

"But no don't weep, Wyclef's in a state of sleep 

Thinking 'bout the robbery that I did last week" 

The way he pronounces "robbery" and "week" together is some of the hardest shit I've ever heard. A true testament to his unique talent. 



7. Some More - Future 

Future released "BeastMode II" this month & "Some More" is definitely my favorite track off the album. The Zaytoven, Future combo is undefeated. I got a chance to check out Red Bull's mini documentary on Zaytoven earlier this month - and it's really great. Trap music would not be where it is now without his colossal influence. Check it out here -  

 Also Recommended: Hate the Real Me (BeastMode II) 



8. The Message - Nas 

My favorite Nas song changes semi-consistently. Right now it's "The Message" - and I chose this track because the beat shares the same sample that's used in Juice WRLD's "Lucid Dreams," which currently has over 200 million streams on Spotify. Both instrumentals have "Shape of My Heart" by Sting at their core, and although I like Juice WRLD and have heard he's a crazy phenomenal artist, I think "The Message"'s version is way better. Extremely biased opinion, because I'm a boom/bap guy 'til the death, but that's what I'm here for. 


- tuna 




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