Scottie Drippin'

Posted by Tim Edmonds on

Right around this time two years ago, a worm and a pickle were riding around the streets of Beverly, Massachusetts, when they stumbled across a broken table left on the side of the road. Together, they carved it up, and it became the pairs first-ever canvas, marking the inception of their artistry. It was thus on this day that Scottie Drippin' was born. 

Nick Pinciaro aka Pickles aka Scottie Drippin' has been an integral part of the washed family since the very beginning. Our first ever graphic tee, and still one of our most popular items to date - The Slime Season - was a Scottie Drippin' original, and since then he has had a piece in almost every line of clothing we have dropped. His notoriously eye-catching, dripped-out style is a staple for washed apparel co, and we can't wait to see what he'll come up with next. 

In his honor, we've designed a washed apparel co X art by picks collab tee shirt, and we'll be dropping it tomorrow @ 5pm on our online store. 

Picks - we thank you for the constant inspiration. 




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