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If the name Zacari doesn't ring any bells for you now - it will very very soon. The Bakersfield, California native has been providing hooks and background vocals for some of your favorite artists over the past few years without you even noticing. He was an essential component to several smash records like Isaiah Rashad's "Wat's Wrong", GoldLink's "Crew", and of course - most prominently - Kendrick Lamar's "L.O.V.E.". 

Now - as of Friday morning - he has been officially signed to Top Dawg Entertainment, and thus has been added to their roster of heavy hitters. To announce the signing, Zacari released the single "Don't Trip," which will be part of his debut EP set to be released next month. The song is phenomenal, and if it's any indication of what's to come - it should be a pretty big year for the talented 23-year-old. Take a listen below: 



In addition, with albums on the way from both Schoolboy Q and Isaiah Rashad - it seems like TDE will continue as one of the most exciting and dominant record labels in music. I saw a tweet the other day that compared Top Dawg to Dreamville when Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole are taken out of the picture. Take a look:


Here is TDE Vs. Dreamville Albums with Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole removed

Billboard Top 100 Weeks
TDE: 175
Dreamville: 5

Top 10:
TDE: 22
Dreamville: 0

Avg Sales
TDE: 221k (3.7m total)
Dreamville: 6.7k (67k total)

Avg Review Score
TDE: 74.4/100
Dreamville: 72.1/100

— Hip Hop By The Numbers (@HipHopNumbers) January 26, 2019

And that's not to try and take anything away from Dreamville. J. Cole is building an absolute powerhouse over there, and by the looks of the "Revengers" sessions that took place over the last few weeks - they'll be coming out of the gates of 2019 swinging. This data simply shows how incredibly expansive and enigmatic the Top Dawg lineup has become. Even without Kendrick Lamar the group is all over the charts. 


I'm sure they're happy to welcome Zacari to the lineup. 


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