agedprettybih x “Mi Mami” El Alfo (feat Cardi B) Video

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            It was Friday night in early October, I had nothing to do so I decided to head to a bar where a friend worked, the thought was to drink a few then lock in on some canvas for the night. My homie was tending Mercy bar on 15th st. We are shooting the shit for awhile and I explain to her that I am exhausted so I’m going home to work a bit then get some sleep. She looks at her phone looks up at me and says “check your phone.” I open my phone and see a group message, Steph, Syd, (an amazing art director, film producer, editor, director, and person), and myself. Syd had a gig for El Alfo and Cardi B’s new song “Mi Mami” and was looking for some paintings. I proceeded to text a few photos over and then was on my way, to my apartment, then to BK. I call an Uber XL from my apartment and head down the stairs with my painting, keep in mind these things are pretty damn big. The uber XL driver was not having it at all, he would not let me in the car with these paintings, supposedly uber is only for humans and you cant bring a painting in the car? Idk fuck that dude. But you know this is New York so we had to throw a few fuck yous at each other before he was on his way. Now im in full panic attack debating on if I have to walk 3 miles to get to this set. Within 45 seconds a large taxi driver comes down my street. I hopelessly wave him down with two paintings in hand, by my surprise the homies STOPS! I shove my two paintings in the back of his car and get into the front seat. As I got to the set Syd was absolutely crushing it, dialed in. so I said hi to a few people placed my paintings down and headed back to Manhattan, thinking nothing of it, forgetting about it for the next few weeks. Well the video came out fuckin sweet. Thank you for the opportunity Syd, I appreciate you. Bless

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